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Jason Limb, location manager. GPS tagged panoramic location photography Thomas Crown Art, online gallery. Solarpix photo agency Marbella


Cheryl - I don't care. (Dronedogs drone shots.)

Jason Limb - Location Manager


Phone - +34 649 097 793


Adam Wilson, camera and focus southern Spain...
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Jason Limb, location manager and photographer. ...Drone Dogs, the drone camera team. Dronedogs drone camera crew.






'American Express' in Granada for MHP Communications


'Jaguar' in Granada with Tangerine Directed my Mark Rodway


'Ex on the Beach' 1 and 2

for Whizz Kid Entertainment


'Food Unwrapped' 3 for Ricochet with Jimmy Doherty


BBC's 'History of the World' with Andrew Marr.


Directed, Shot and Edited, 'What You Gonna Do' for Mama Paula and the Kasper Jensen Blues Band.


Location Manager on 'A Place In The Sun' A film Produced by Yellowbird of Sweden Directed by Peter Flinth.

The Vamps - Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) (Dronedogs drone shots.)

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Nacho Guerrero - Art Director

Web -

Phone - +34 649 097 793

Adam Wilson - Camera Op / Focus

 Phone - +34 619 373 643

Dronedogs - Filming multirotors

Phone - +34 619 373 643

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Andrew Webb

Sketchup 3D designs for sets, props, and models.


Sketchup jobs file downloads.

Carnival Films, Rosemary & Thyme


Check 24, 3D drawing and photos for model makers to make half size Basketball net and support.


Tarot multirotor X4 with custom camera rail.

Phone - +34 609 618 508

Media production in southern Spain

design goldilocs


Electronica RC, DJI parts and products,

Naza and A3 flight controllers.

Mavic, Inspire 2, Cable Cam Zenmuse and Zenmuse X series cameras, Ronin and Osmo. Electronica RC are based in Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain.